Insurance discounts and coverage

Did you know that therapeutic massage may be covered by your insurance?  Depending upon your insurance carrier, you could save 15% or 20% off your therapeutic massage at Precise Touch By Ana. Please call your insurance company to confirm your coverage, as you may be eligible for 100% coverage with some insurance policies if your massage is medically necessary.   
See the list below or feel free to call us today at (305) 815 9108 to find out if you qualify for these discounted prices. Schedule your appointment today and get rid of pain and stress.


Please be advised that this list may change from time to time, companies will be added or removed.  We will do our best to inform you in a timely manner of any changes. However, once a company has been removed from this list, we will no longer be able to provide the insurance discount.

* Please note, chair massage for the workplace is not available at the discounted insurance rates.