Laser Hair Removal - Alma Soprano XL SHR and NIR


Looking for an stable long term hair removal and reduction of unwanted hair? Our laser hair removal sessions are quick and painless and will leave you with skin that is smooth and ready to go in a matter of months. 

We use Alma Soprano XL Hair Removal Laser and Skin Tightening machine that painlessly removes hair from targeted areas, leaving safe and long lasting effects. This American device is FDA approved Diode In-Motion newest technology, elaborated to prevent thermal damage to the epidermis of the skin. The Alma Soprano XL SHR is safe year round, for all skin types (I to VI), including tanned skins. You can trust our skilled laser specialists who evaluate and customize your sessions to achieve the most effective and comfortable results. Restorative Natural Gel will be applied to refresh and soothe your skin at the end of each session. You will also be provided special goggles to ensure your vision safety.  You will see results beginning on day one.

Our sparkling white, private spa rooms guarantee you a personalized service and full relaxation during all of your treatment.

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Alma Soprano XL SHR and NIR





Extra Small / Small Areas




Upper Lip


Half Face or Neck


Umbilical Area

Bikini Line

Fingers or Toes


Medium Area

Full Face or Neck


Medium Brazilian

Large area.png

Large Area

Men’s Chest

Half legs


Half Arms

Full Brazilian


Extra Large Area

Full Legs

Full Arms

Full Back

Men’s Front


Specifications by areas: Most of the areas are recommended in sessions every 6-8 weeks, except for small areas of the face and neck.


Facial Hair Removal


Full Face: Sessions last about 5-10 minutes - 

Face - Any Extra-small Area: Sessions last less 5-10 minutes - 

Face and Neck: Sessions last about 5-15 minutes - 

Sometimes removing annoying facial hair is just what you need to really feel confident when you look in the mirror. We can do that for you in a matter of months. 

Treatment Areas: Full face laser hair removal can be customized to include upper lip, cheeks, nose, sideburns, forehead, jawline, as well as above and between eyebrows. The small area of the face package includes one of the above areas. For the face and neck treatment areas, we remove hair from the full face, front, and back of the neck.



Underarm Hair Removal               

  • Underarms: Sessions last 5-10 minutes -

By removing your underarm hair permanently, you can avoid having to shave so often and uncomfortable situations when you forget to shave or wax. You can even cut down on body odor problems! 

Treatment Areas: Underneath the arms



Arm Hair Removal                                                                                   

  • Full Arms: Sessions last 10-15 minutes -

  • Half Arms: Sessions last 5-10 minutes -

Often women will look to get rid of or lesson dark or thick hair on their arms. Laser hair removal can easily take care of that for you. 

Treatment Areas: Full arm treatments extend from the shoulder to the hands and half arm laser treatments can either be the upper or lower arms.



Body Hair Removal: Back - Chest - Abdomen                                                                             

  • Back - Chest - Abdomen: Sessions will last around 20- 45 minutes according to density of hairs.

Whether you’re looking to remove or decrease hair on your back, chest, or abdomen, doing what is right for you will boost your confidence at a painless price. 

Treatment Areas: Full back laser hair removal extends from neckline to waistline. The half back treatment can be customized to the upper or lower back. For the chest laser hair treatment, hair is removed from collarbone to ribs. The abdominal package extends from ribs down to the waistline.



Bikini Line Hair Removal 

  • Bikini Line: Sessions last 5-10 minutes -

  • Brazilian: Sessions last 10-15 minutes -

No more needing to wax or shave to achieve a smooth bikini line once you decide to remove hair permanently. Save time and effort and achieve better results. 

Treatment Areas: The bikini line laser package includes a customized bikini line shape and extends until two finger widths out from the edge of the garment. For the full Brazilian area, laser treatment includes full front and perianal of the bikini area. 



Leg Hair Removal 

  • Full Legs: Sessions last 20-25 minutes -

  • Half Legs: Sessions last 20-25 minutes -

No more long shaving sessions or painful waxing when you start with laser hair removal. Permanent hair removal can make your life a lot easier and is virtually pain-free! 

Treatment Areas: Full legs include the front and the back of both upper and lower legs. Half leg hair removal treatments include the front or back of the upper or lower legs.