RADIO-FREQUENCY TOTAL REJUVENATION FACIAL                                  

  • Each session lasts 55-70 mins

Radio-frequency is a technique that involves applying energy through the dermis with deep, and controlled heating which affects the skin and the subcutaneous cellular tissues, triggering a series of reactions which favors: the regeneration of collagen, elimination of sagged skin, better circulation through-out the skin, lymph drainage and the migration of fibroblasts.

Session includes:  5 steps treatment including exfoliation, lifting serum and moisturizer for face, double chin and neck, lymphatic drainage and, mesotherapy or Cavitation.


  • 50-75 min - $99

All our skin care products are scientifically formulated and have been designed to work in treating skin conditions such acne, aging skin, sensitive skin, and hyper-pigmentation. Everyone’s unique skin requires a smart solution and customized regimen that address all their issues simultaneously.

All facials firm, tighten, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate black heads, whiteheads, exfoliate your face, have mask applications, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, light touch and physical manipulation that helps accelerate decongestion of cells and drain away debris from skin tissues as it facilitates oxygen and nutrients to be absorbed by skin cells. It will finish with an application of customized serums, moisturizerand sun block. Therefore your face will have increasing cellular renewal, even skin tone and texture for a radiant glow.

Echo 2 Plus Oxygen Treatment

INTENSIVE OXYGEN FACIAL                                    

  • 65 min - $175

Done with the ECHO 2 Plus, it exfoliates, cleanses, hydrates, and oxygenates by delivering pure oxygen along with Vitamins A, C, & E with 87 different Minerals, Hydrating Enzymes, and Amino Acids.The ECHO 2 Plus Oxygen Treatment is radically different than every other treatment on the market today and also it prepares skin step-by-step to receive the oxygen at the deep dermal or cellular level where it can stimulate the growth of healthy new skin cells and strengthen the collagen network. It benefits all skin types, age’s complexions and conditions including: dry, oily or a combination of both; Individuals using Retin-A or Acutane; Increases healing on Individuals who have had peels; microdermabrasion; laser resurfacing or facial surgery. This treatment will include areas like eyes, neck, lips and décolleté.

*For maximum cumulative benefits weekly series of 4-3-2-1 regimen is recommended.

*Buy a series of 5 and get the 6th one, FREE.


  • 75 min - $185

This unique Acne treatment employs pure oxygen (real gas), along with effective cosmeceutical and natural ingredients to effectively clear clogged pores. It feeds, nourishes and protects the skin from photo-damage. Oxygen is a natural bactericide – it kills bacteria that are associated with acne breakouts and it also helps speed the skin's healing process.

 *Buy a series of 5 and get the 6th one, FREE.


VISIBLE GLOW FOR MEN                                                                                   

  • 50 -75 min - $99

Deep cleansing, steam, light extractions, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage is incorporated while wearing a customized mask that helps the smoothing and toning of your face.  Neck, shoulders, scalp, arm and hands massage can be added for an extra 15 minutes.


Microdermabrasion uses natural corundum crystal to exfoliate the skin and aid in removing fine lines, dead skin, impurities, wrinkles, discolorations, under-skin breakouts, sun spots, stubborn pigmentation and acne scarring, while improving skin texture and tone and reducing pore size. Immediate results may include a visible reduction in fine lines and discolorations, and a vibrant glow as fresh cells can show a healthy, clearer skin. 

When used as part of an anti-aging regime, pigment and discoloration fades away and surface irregularities, such as fine wrinkles and acne scars, begin to soften. It has no downtime, it is a non-surgical procedure that come with or without light chemical peels. Clients are strongly recommended to commit to post-procedure skin treatment tips for the next two days and follow up treatments within 10 days of the initial treatment. This treatment is great for those who want to really renew their skin. Each time, the treatments build upon one another in a manner that preps the skin for the next treatment to come.

*Buy a series of 6 and get the 7th one,  FREE.

  • Face and Neck: $140

  • Forehead: $45

  • Décolleté: $60

  • Hands: $45

  • Bikini area: $60

  • Whole Back: $120

  • Eye area: $30

  • Lips: $30

  • Full Arm: $120

  • Hands with Half Arm: $95




  • 50-75 min - $125 and up

These chemical peels gently stimulate, firm and tighten skin addressing various conditions like pigment production, fine lines, photo-damage, aging, dull skin and certain acne types. 


  • 50-75 min - $125 and up

They are especially designed to rejuvenate, brighten and improve your skin just before your special event. Suitable for all ages and special times for mothers-to-be.



  • 50-80 min - $60* (*starting price)

Created with the teen’s complexion needs in mind, this facial can help with persisting teen skincare troubles or prevent them before the problem starts. An added bonus—they teach teens the importance of preemptive skincare. It is designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin with the help of a deep cleansing, steaming, gentle extractions and a customized healing mask that will help rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles.



  • 30-45 min - $25 each or $45 both

If your feet are chapped, achy or simply in need of rejuvenation, this treatment works wonders. This potent yet skin-friendly resurfacing treatment will smooth, hydrate, and brighten your treatment area since it's suitable for all skin types. The use of 12% lactic acid enhances skin’s natural moisturizer factor (NMF), reduces cellular buildup, decreases bacteria, and inhibits deposits of unwanted pigmentation and helps fight free radicals. 


  • 50-75 min - $99

Immerse your body and mind into total relaxation while improving the texture and feel of your skin. This treatment starts by buffing away dull skin cells with circular motions of brown sugar scrub and Jojoba essential oil, followed by the application of moist warm towels and finishing with light strokes of Shea Butter Moisturizer, leaving your skin hydrated and balanced.



  • $34 each or $47 both

Paraffin is well know for its moisturizing properties and therapeutic effect. Warm paraffin removes dull and dry skin cells while also easing stiff joints and alleviating everyday aches.


PCA certified skin esthetician

PCA certified skin esthetician